Proj 4 for CNIT 122: Scanning a LAMP Application with w3af (10 pts.)


Many websites are vulnerable to SQL injection and other attacks. W3af is a free vulnerability scanner from Rapid7 that finds such vulnerabilities.

What You Need

Starting BackTrack

If you are using BackTrack 5, you need to do these things at startup:

Scanning your Web Application with w3af

In a Terminal window, execute these commands:
cd /pentest/web/w3af


w3af starts with a pretty GUI. When it asks whether you want to update w3af, click No. (Updating is probably a good idea, but not necessary for this project. I used revision 4287 and it worked.)

In the "Update Report" window, click the OK button.

In the main w3af window, on the left side, click "audit_high_risk". Click in the "Target:" field and enter this URL:


Your screen should look like the image below:

Click the Start button. The scan should only take a few seconds, and find the "Blind SQL injection", as shown below on this page:

Turning In Your Project

Make sure the "Blind SQL injection" message is visible.

Save this screen shot with a filename of Proj 4 from Your Name.

Email the image to with a subject of "Project 4 from YOUR NAME".

Last modified: 8-30-11