Research & Present: Extra Credit

Research a security topic and give a brief presentation in class. The presentation should be approximately eight slides and ten minutes long.

Don't feel restricted to the topics below; any security topic is fine. These topics are just examples.

Suggested Topics

How to use Group Policy to Allow or Block URL\'s
Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) | Secure Web Gateway | VPN
Microsoft Security Compliance Manager
2011-10-26: TMPLTR
Windows Firewall Script To Block IP Addresses And Country Network Ranges
2011-10-31: ModSecurity SQL Injection Challenge: Lessons Learned
Making a honeypot like this would be a good project
Websecurify--Web app vuln tester, I think

Hacked by Anonsec - 3r3b0s
Hacked by Anonsec - 3r3b0s
Hacked by Anonsec
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