F 200: Examining a Forensic Image with Autopsy (15 pts.)

What You Need for This Project

Installing Autopsy

Install Autopsy in single-user mode, as explained here:



If a box pops up saying "Windows protected your PC", right-click the Autopsy installer file, click Properties, and check Unblock. Then run the installer again.


If the font is tiny when launching Autopsy, right-click the its desktop shortcut, and click Properties.

On the Compatibility tab, click "Change high DPI settings".

Try various settings. On my system, I got the best appearance by checking the "Override high DPI scaling behavior" box and selecting "System" below it.

Downloading the Evidence File

On your Windows machine, download this file:


Creating a Case

Launch Autopsy. In the Welcome box, click "New Case", as shown below.

Make these selections:

F 200.1: Flag 1 (15 pts)

Use the left pane to explore the data Autopsy found, as shown below.

Do not turn in the image shown below. Instead, examine all the files Autopsy found.

There's a file containing a message beginning with "The flag is".

Find it and capture an image showing the flag.

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