WASTC Summer Faculty Development Weeks
Cybersecurity Update for 2023

June 19-23, 2023

Sam Bowne


To join the class:

Monday: Digital Forensics

Forensic investigations are essential for law enforcement and incident response, to determine what actions have been performed on a digital device or network. We will use Autopsy, Wireshark, Velociraptor, and other tools to collect and analyze evidence from Windows systems, smartphones (Android and iOS), and network traffic.

Tuesday: Attack Techniques

Covers essential skills for penetration testing, including command-line operations, SQL injection, port scanning, packet crafting, password cracking, using and developing Metasploit modules, and more.

Wednesday: Malware Analysis

Analyze Windows malware in detail, using static and dynamic methods to find malicious behavior. We will use Process Explorer, Ollydbg, Windbg, IDA Pro, API Monitor and other tools to inspect EXEs, DLLs, and .NET executables.

Thursday: Hacking Android Devices

Examine the Android operating system and apps in detail, to find security flaws including poor encryption, logging confidential data, and command injection. Reverse-engineer Android apps and modify them, injecting Trojan code. We will use Android Studio, adb, Burp, Jadx, Frida, and other tools to reveal the internals of apps and modify their functions.

Friday: Violent Python

Use Python 3 to code simple attacks including port scanning, brute-force logins, password cracking, cryptography of many kinds, simple machine learning, and simulated quantum computing.

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