Project 16: Encipher It (10 pts.)

What You Need

You need a computer with a Web browser. I wrote the instructions using Google Chrome, but any browser should work.

Creating the Bookmark

Open the Google Chrome browser and go to

In the "Encrypt your text online" section, type YOUR NAME, as shown below.

(Use your own name, not the literal text "YOUR NAME".)

Click the "Encipher It" button.

Enter an Encryption Password of

CNIT 120
as shown below.

Click the "Encipher It" button.

A key is generated, and enciphered text appears, as shown below.

Highlight the enciphered text, right-click it, and click Copy.

Sending an Encrypted Message

Compose a message as shown below, to with a subject of "Project 16 from YOUR NAME", and YOUR NAME in the body. Don't use the literal text "YOUR NAME"--use your own name.

Send a Cc: to yourself.

Paste in the enciphered text.

Send the email.

Open your Inbox and open the message you just sent yourself.

Decipher the text with the password

CNIT 120
and verify that your encrypted message becomes readable.
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