Talks I've Given at Security Conferences


Defcon 15 (2007) "Teaching Hacking at College"
Defcon 17 (2009) "Hijacking Web 2.0 Sites with SSLstrip and Slowloris" (with RSnake)
Defcon 18 (2010) "Who Cares About IPv6?"
Defcon 19 (2011) "Three Generations of DoS Attacks (with Audience Participation, as Victims)"
Defcon 20 (2012) "The Breach That Wasn't" (Skytalk)


HOPE 9 (2012) Two lightning talks: "The Breach That Wasn't" and "Stealing Passwords Remotely"


BayThreat 1 (2010) "Getting Started With IPv6"
BayThreat 2 (2011) "Whitehat Vigilante"
BayThreat 3 (2013) "Data Breaches and Password Hashes WITH the New IPv6 RA Flood Attack"

Layer One

Layer One (2011) "Layer 7 DoS Attacks and Defenses"


OWASP Bay Area Chapter (2011) "The Security Circus & IPv6 DoS"

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